GE Marquette Mac 5500 ECG EKG Course    

ge marquette mac 5500 ecg ekg 5500 course

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MAC 5500 Course

The MAC 5500 is used to record ECG signals from surface ECG electrodes and is used to display, record, analyze and store ECG information from adult and pediatric populations. This self-paced course introduces Biomedical Engineers and Biomedical Technicians to the features, components, software and options for the MAC 5500. Upon completeion of the course the student will be able to perform basic system setups, conduct diagnostic tests, disassemble the unit and replace all servicable components. An assessment test is included at the end of the course materials and can be printed out upon successful completion of the test to provide a record of completion.

Course Competencies:
At the conclusion of this self-paced course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify key features and major components
  • Describe differences between the MAC 5000 and MAC 5500
  • Describe the main menu options
  • Identify the additional hardware and software options available
  • Configure compatible blood pressure devices, treadmills and ergometers
  • Define system setups
  • Set and recover Passwords
  • Conduct diagnostics tests
  • Perform basic maintenance
  • Disassemble the product and replace major components



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