GE Dash 5000 Vital Signs Patient Monitor

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GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor Sale


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Latest GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor…30-day no-hassle return guaranteeBrand New, Latest Configuration.   Equipment shipped Directly from GE Factory with Full Warranty.


GE Marquette Dash 5000 Patient Monitor
Only the DASH family puts all the right pieces in your hands to radically reshape productivity the right portable system solutions, options and connectivity that make anything seem possible. Dash 5000 Vital Signs monitor is compact, portable, and supporting flexible monitoring workflow and providing measurement excellence.

Unmatched adaptability
- create the ideal solutions for your transport, ED, perioperative and variable acuity needs

Unbeatable transport efficiency
- docking stations optimize staff productivity and equipment utilization

Superior networkability
- Dash 5000 Monitor provides seamless hospital-wide access to a patient's longitudinal medical record for improved decision-making


GE Dash 5000 Vital Signs Patient Monitor Modular design for flexible care

  • Design for optimized monitoring in all care applications
  • Advanced algorithms for all monitored parameters
  • Fully flexible alarm settings allow personalized monitoring
  • ECG acquisition through cables or wireless
  • Bright alarm light at the bedside helps to immediately locate the patient in critical situations
  • Multiple mounting solutions and a wide range of accessories ensure easy and flexible workplace configuration
  • 3 waveform screen view to maximize the size of parameter values and waveforms
  • Convenient care area specific Remote iTouch Pad enables operation on both sides of the patient’s bed and direct access to frequently used functions
  • Remote Screen through DashPort2 for optimal central overview
  • CO2 module and extention Rac for additional parameters
  • Wide array of interfacing options with iConnect solutions
  • Both mainstream and low-flow sidestream CO2 measurement options for applications from neonatal to adult patients

Optimized for demanding transportation
  • Light weight, durable, and ergonomic design
  • Up to 2 Hot Swap batteries for unlimited battery powered monitoring
  • DashPort2 Docking Station for easy switching between bedside and transport monitoring
  • Continuous central monitoring during transport through a Wireless Network
  • Compatible with bed mount for in-hospital transport

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  • Display Screen Size:  – 12.1 in.
  • Trim Knob Control- Five hard keys
  • Alarms: Patient status and system status,
    Priority: 4 levels – Crisis, Warning, Advisory and Message,
    Notification: Audible and visual,
    Setting: Default and individual
  • Invasive blood pressure channels: 1 to 4 (optional)
  • Alarms:  User-selectable upper and lower limits for systolic, diastolic and mean pressures

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