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CardioDay® - Holter-ECGge getemed holter monitoring cardioday analysis software CardioDay Holter- ECG
The CardioDay® Holter ECG system workflow is especially optimized for routine applications in clinics and practices.  A great deal of attention has been paid to user-friendly, menu-guided operation. The CardioDay® software offers measurement, zoom and analysis options, including quick re-analysis of the ECG with modified parameters, the analysis of ST measurements, PQ or QT time, RR variability in both the time and frequency domains, as well as pacemaker functionality. Recordings can be analysed from digital recorders, as well as from analog tape-recorders (1mm/s rate of recording). The CardioDay® analysis software offers high-quality measuring, zoom and analysis features, such as rapid re-analysis of the ECG using new parameters, and analysis of pacemaker function, ST intervals, variability, PQ or QT intervals, and late potentials. The recorder contains a pacemaker measuring system that differentiates between atrial and ventricular stimulation, and enables efficient checking of the pacemaker’s behavior.

Customization option is available to accommodate individual application needs, for example, software for analyzing esophagus ECGs

The ECGs transferred to the PC are separated into classes of similar QRS morphology and evaluated using special algorithms.ge getemed holter monitoring cardioday analysis software pc based An entire class can be edited with only two mouse clicks. The software scans the results according to these classes and displays them in the order of their significance. All results are sorted hierarchically, within each event class, the most important event is shown first.

In order to quickly check the homogeneity of the QRS morphology within a class, all beats of one class can be viewed simultaneously with the QuickScan function. 

Automatic recognition of event types

  • Standard version:
    R on T, VTach, Salve, Triplet, Couplet,
    Bigemius, VES, Pause, Bradycardia,
    Arrhythmia, SVTach, SVES, ES

  • Pacemaker version:
    Exit block, Undersensing, Fusion,
    Oversensing, AStim, VStim, AVStim,
    A-QRS, V-QRS

HRT - Heart Rate Turbulence ge getemed holter monitoring cardioday analysis software HRT- is the physiological, bi-phasic response of the sinus node to premature ventricular contractions. It consists of a short initial acceleration followed by a deceleration of the heart rate. HRT can be quantified by two numerical parameters, namely the Turbulence Onset and the Turbulence Slope. It is the optimal non-invasive method for determining who is at risk for Sudden Cardiac Death (SCD), or Cardiac Arrest, which kills half of all heart disease patients. getemed offers HRT on its CardioDay® Holter system. Further information including some continuative literature you'll find on the website of the study group of Professor Dr. Georg Schmidt of the Technical University of Munich: www.h-r-t.com/hrt/de/.


T-Wave-Alternansge getemed holter monitoring cardioday analysis software TWA:  T-Wave Alternans (TWA) is defined as a beat-to-beat fluctua-tion in the morphology (amplitude and shape) of the ECG waveform. It must present with an every-other-beat, repeating ABABABtype pattern, and when present, is seen as a precursor of SCD. Use of the Marquette TWA analysis program allows clinicians the ability to quickly identify patients who are at risk for SCD, in order to initiate treatment sooner. The absence of T-wave Alternans indicates minimal risk, which may minimize the need for an implantable defibrillator. 

The amplitude and duration of TWA episodes from the Marquette TWA analysis program have been correlated with SCD. The analysis program detects and measures TWA at any heart rate, over short exercise intervals: two essential components for patients at high risk. The TWA Analysis Program detects, measures, and allows for visual validation of subtle, commonly missed ECG variations in real waveforms, at an accuracy and resolution of 1-microvolt.  The outcome: Clinicians can quickly identify ST/T wave variations that have been found to be predictive of SCD.  An optional module for TWA is available for CardioDay®.  When the HRT analysis program is used in conjunction with T-Wave Alternans, multiple risk factors can be measured and reported simultaneously giving the clinician a comprehensive view of the patient’s total risk.


Display of events
ge getemed holter monitoring cardioday analysis software event displayThe display of events with CardioDay® includes the classified event types, the context of the currently active event and the magnified QRS complex during which the event was detected. In addition to the standard analysis functions, CardioDay® also optionally offers tools for further analysis.
These include, PQ and QT analysis and identification of the RR variability in the time and frequency domains, e.g. for facilitating the detection of intermittent atrial fibrillation.

Findings, reports and analysis parameters can be individually configured and revised. The system automatically suggests the most important events from each class for printing. There are a variety of possibilities for presenting the findings, for example, a printout of a 24-hour report in an easy-to-read format.



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