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GE Marquette Mac 800 Ecg-Ekg Machine

GE Marquette Mac 800 Ecg -Ekg Machine
has the features of a full size ECG device, engineered down to under seven pounds, with a clear color display and an integrated carrying handle to enable medical teams to get immediate information regarding the overall health and functioning of a patient’s heart.  

The MAC 800 features an innovative keypad with a T9 SMS-style mobile phone keypad design and quick access function keys to help simplify and speed ECG operations. Combined with outstanding ECG analysis, the technology will help clinicians diagnose patients faster and more efficiently at the point of care.

Connectivity within a physician’s work environment is a key to coordinated care and improved diagnoses.  MAC 800 helps to make that vision a reality through its multiple communication options that fit the needs of most practices, including LAN, modem, SD card and serial port to store and send ECG data from a wide variety of locations. Additionally, MAC 800 offers the option of a PDF or XML output for recognized storing and data sharing. MAC 800 also connects to a variety of vendors’ EMR solutions via Cardiosoft, GE’s cardiology information software system, creating a fully digital ECG workflow.


Advanced ECG without boundaries. Sometimes the difference between early intervention and late diagnosis is simple access to care. The portable MAC 800 empowers you to reach patients wherever they are: in an urban physician’s office, at a regional health center, in a rural clinic or in remote locations anywhere in the world.

Compact and easy to carry, the MAC 800 weighs only 3kg with the battery and is designed with an integrated carrying handle.

Lithium ion battery provides you with two hours of continuous operation or 250 standard patient reports. Fast battery recharge (about four hours) minimizes system downtime.

Easy-to-use keypad simplifies and speeds ECG operations with T9 SMS mobile phone keypad design and quick access function keys. Hospital-grade keypad allows for easy cleaning.

7-inch, high-resolution (800 x 480) color TFT screen gives you a clear, easy-to-read display of all 12 ECG leads.

Digital onscreen preview lets you view your ECG prior to printing, saving paper and avoiding costly repeat exams.

Tested replaceable accessories keep your system running at peak performance; with multi-link lead wires, fixed lead wires, disposable electrodes and reusable electrodes.

Advanced technology

Powerful, proven technology for diagnostic confidence.The MAC 800 enhances diagnostic confidence through the globally recognized and proven Marquette 12SL analysis program.

Marquette 12SL empowers you with comprehensive computer-interpreted analysis of adult and pediatric populations for fast, confident ECG readings.

Hookup Advisoris an exclusive GE Healthcare feature that ensures ECG signal quality by informing clinicians if there is poor waveform quality during ECG recording.

Acute Cardiac Ischemia Time-Intensive Predictive Instrument (ACI-TIPI), which is included in the Marquette 12SL program, promotes diagnostic accuracy by predicting the probability of cardiac ischemia, as well as factoring in gender-specific criteria to help physicians more readily diagnose heart abnormalities in women. For AED Defibrillators and AED Defibrillator Accessories, please contact us.

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