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GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital ECG EKG Portable MachineGE Marquette Mac 1200 St Resting ECG - EKG Machine SaleGE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital ECG/EKG Portable Machine Sale: Best GE Mac 1600 Model
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GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital ECG/EKG Portable Machine is a scalable ECG device that evolves with the demanding needs of your practice.  It’s simple to use, yet smart enough to provide you with diagnostic insight.  The GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital ECG/EKG Portable Machine’s resting ECG function can be easily configured to meet the needs of nearly every environment. With instant assessment of the ECG signal quality, the availability of GE’s Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program, and an easy connection to your ECG cardiology management system, the new MAC 1600 couldn’t be smarter.  We guarantee.

GE Marquette MAC 1600 Digital ECG/EKG Portable Machine Model:MAC1600-AAXAAB-AXXXXX

Complete package Comes with the following:

GE Marquette MAC 1600  

» MAC1600 Electrocardiograph with full 3 years GE factory warranty
» Resting AHA Multilink patient cable with replaceable lead wires
» Universal leads for Mac 1600
» Disposable electrodes
» 1 pack of 8.5x11 EKG paper
» North America Power Cord for Mac 1600 Machine
» Measurement + Interpretation by 12SL for Mac 1600


Diagnostic confidence – Recognized across the globe as one of the most validated programs in the industry, the optional GE Marquette 12SL ECG analysis program provides true, computer-interpreted analysis of adult and pediatric populations.

Signal quality – The Marquette 12SL Hookup Advisor™ ensures ECG signal quality from the start. This exclusive GE algorithm goes beyond simple electrical checks to advise clinicians of poor waveform quality during the recording of ECGs.

Easy configuration – The MAC 1600 automatically captures 10-second ECGs with one-touch operation. Additionally, you can select the rhythm ECG mode to continuously review all 12 leads, or the arrhythmia mode for an extended review of arrhythmias or events.

Comprehensive – The MAC 1600 offers more than just acquisition. Its online editing and re-analysis of ECG waveform capabilities enhance the accuracy of patients’ records.

Connected and scalable – Not only is the MAC 1600 capable of seamlessly connecting to the MUSE and CardioSoft information systems, it also adapts to your specific needs and can be expanded as those needs grow.

EMR Ready – The MAC 1600 connects easily to your EMR system through GE’s CardioSoft software

Service Uncompromising service with GE’s team of experienced technicians

Comprehensive training- Easy-to-learn – The computer-based training DVD includes a complete suite of MAC 1600 clinical education tools that make it easy to learn more about the MAC 1600.

GE Marquette MAC 1600 Accessories Available:

  Mac 1600 EKG ECG Premium Thermal Paper, Red Grid with Blank Interpretation Area, 150 sheets/pack Case
8.5 in. x 11 in. (216mm x 280mm) Sheet, Z-Fold, Queue Hole 2400 sheets/case
16 packs/case-

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ge-marquette-mac-1200-ecg-ekg Premium Thermal Paper
Premium Thermal Paper 22616606

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GE Marquette Mac 1600 Ekg ECG Machine MAC 1600  Office Cart- 901168-001
MAC 1600 Office Cart
Price: $995.00

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Mac 1600 Ekg Ecg Clinic Cart is a recommended option-2017210-001
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