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Ecg Professionals offers a complete line of GE SEER Light and SEER Light Extend Digital Recorders and associated accessories for use with mars Holter system.   Latest Configuration from GES EER Light.



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SEER Light and SEER Light Extend Digital Recordersge seer light digital holter recorder

Exceptional Patient Comfort

SEER Light compact digital recorder is GE’s smallest and lightest Holter recorder, weighing only 72 g. It is designed for reliability, durability and patient comfort.

Part of GE’s total ambulatory ECG solution

Both the SEER Light and SEER Light Extend recorders work with the SEER Light Extend Controller for the initial hook-up of the recorder, and then later when it is used to transfer the completed data to GE’s MARS® workstation.

The controller plays an integral role in ensuring the quality and integrity of the patient data. Patient demographics, including patient identification, age, gender and name, are entered from the controller, expediting data entry and minimizing the possibility of data entry errors. The controller features a large LCD screen that displays the patient’s ECG waveform to visually ensure quality lead placement.

After the Holter study is completed, the patient data is downloaded through the controller to the MARS system, where it is analyzed using the industry’s most extensive collection of clinically-proven Marquette® algorithms. This information can then be stored in the MUSE® cardiology information system.

The SEER Light digital recorder system incorporates GE Medical Systems‘s distinguished history in signal processing, microelectronics and ambulatory monitoring. Designed for durability with a special focus on Patient comfort and compliance, the SEER Light recorder system is composed of two different parts: The SEER Light Recorder is approximately the size of a business card weighing 78 gr. including batteries. This is an outstandingly small and light Holter Recorder with 2 or 3 channels of diagnostic quality full disclosure ECG and demographic patient data. Its aesthetically pleasing package, its ”easy to use” patient event button, and its on-board 32 Mbytes of flash memory will impress you. No moving parts, no display and a solid-state technology for impressive reliability. The SEER Light Controller is used for reviewing ECG Quality at Hookup time with a view of all three channels of the ECG waveform. The patient demographic information entered on the controller keyboard can be transferred to the SEER Light recorder via an infrared connection.



  • Small, compact digital recorders weighing only 72 grams (2.5 oz.).
  • Provides 2–3 channels of diagnostic-quality ECG for up to 24 hours, with the SEER Light Extend offering 48 hours of monitoring. .............
  • Integral pacemaker detection avoids the expense of a separate dedicated pacemaker recorder............................
  • Onboard memory with solid-state technology for reliability and durability..........................
  • Patient event button allows patients to quickly and easily indicate when an episode occurs...........................
  • Handheld controller provides patient demographics entry and visual confirmation of correct lead placement...........................
  •  Compatible with MARS PC Holter systems............................
  • .Marquette EK-Pro™ analysis for Holter...........................

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Patient Cables 2042686-001 & 400068-028 2 Channel Seer Light/Extend Patient Cable 250.00 Patient Cables 2042686-002 & 400068-029 3 Channel Seer Light/Extend Patient Cable 270.00 SEER CARD Readers 2027495-001 SEER MC2/Light Card Reader 150.00 SEER CARD Readers 422187-001 SEER MC Card Reader 618.00


SEER Light Controller 2020044-292 Global SEER Light Connect Kit, Kit includes CD with operators manaual in all supported languages 500.00 SEER Light Controller 2042685-007 SEER Light Extend Controller II Kit, Kit includes CD with operators manual & compact flash memory card 1,075.00 SEER Light Recorders 2042685-001 SEER Light 24-hour Recorder. *Requires either 204268-001 (2 Channel Patient cable) or 2042686-002 (3 Channel Patient cable) 1,800.00 1,242.00 SEER Light Recorders 2042685-002 SEER Light Extend 48-hour Recorder 2,075.00



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SEER Light and SEER Light Extend Digital Recorders

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